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About the Staff

Arthur Bienenstock

Background and Interests: 

Arthur Bienenstock is Associate Director of the Wallenberg Research Link.  In addition, he serves as Special Assistant to the (Stanford) President for Federal Research Policy and is a professor emeritus of photon science.  In the past, he was a professor in the Applied Physics and Materials Science & Engineering Departments, as well as director of the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory.  He has also held other Stanford positions as Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, and Vice Provost and Dean of Research and Graduate Policy.

His scholarship since retiring has focused on national and international science and higher education policy.  Consistent with that interest, he is presently a member of the National Science Board, the governing body of the National Science Foundation.  Bienenstock was also the Associate Director for Science in the Office of Science and Technology Policy at the White House during the last three years of President Clinton's administration.

During the last three decades of his career as a scientist, his research involved the determination of atomic arrangements in amorphous materials using synchrotron radiation, as well as the development of synchrotron radiation capabilities.

Personal Interests: 

Artie lives on the Stanford campus with his wife, Roslyn.  They share interests in their extended family, literature, music, theatre, movies and ballet.  Bienenstock remains an avid skier and swimmer.  Although he bicycles to work most days, Artie also loves driving interesting cars.

Cheryl Johnson

Background and Interests: 

Cheryl Johnson is the Postdoctoral Fellowship Coordinator for Wallenberg Research Link (WRL). In this role, she provides direct support for the postdoc program including application processing, awardee onboarding, and day-to-day troubleshooting for both the fellows and the department-based postdoctoral administrators who assist them. In addition, she plans and orchestrates postdoc events throughout the year. She likewise provides financial assistance for various WRL programs.

Johnson was previously an undergraduate at Stanford, and has worked as an employee on campus for over 20 years.

Personal Interests: 

Cheryl lives in the neighboring community, and enjoys taking classes and traveling in her spare time.

Laurie C. Richard

Background and Interests: 

Laurie Richard is the Administrator for the Wallenberg Research Link (WRL), and has worked here since 2007. In addition to providing direct support for the WRL director and associate director, she oversees budgets for WRL and Wallenberg Foundation-sponsored projects, and arranges logistics for Stanford visits by Swedish individuals as well as delegations from universities, industry, government and other areas of society. 

Prior to joining Wallenberg Research Link, Richard was the administrator for the Stanford Challenge K-12 Initiative and the Stanford Humanities Lab, as well as an employee at Hewlett-Packard for many years.

Personal Interests: 

Laurie and her husband, Steve, have lived in Los Altos since 1973. They have three adult children.  Laurie enjoys cooking, family gatherings, gardening, spending time with her granddaughters and vacationing in the Sierras.

Robert Sinclair

Background and Interests: 

Robert Sinclair is Director of the Wallenberg Research Link. He is a professor of Materials Science and Engineering, and the Charles M. Pigott Professor in the School of Engineering. Bob was Department Chair from 2004-2014, Director of the Stanford Nanocharacterization Laboratory for twelve years since its inception in 2002, and Director of the Bing Overseas Studies Program during 2010-2012. His research interests are in the application of advanced electron microscopy techniques to study material reactions, especially by in situ high resolution electron microscopy. Current projects involve investigations of nanomaterials for energy applications and for early cancer detection. Sinclair has a highly active collaboration with Chalmers University in Gothenburg, and presently teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in materials science.

Personal Interests: 

Bob’s interests include travel and sports. He is a dedicated football (soccer) fan and occasionally teaches a course on “Soccer and English Society” at Stanford’s overseas studies center in Oxford.

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