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Aodhán Butler

Historical Geology and Palaeontology
Uppsala University
Postdoctoral Fellow
Appointment Term: 
1 Sep 2016 to 31 Aug 2018
Background and Research Interests: 
I am a paleobiologist whose research interests primarily centre around determining the origins of, and relationships between, major groups of animals in the time interval colloquially dubbed the 'Cambrian Explosion' where innovations such as vision, predation and biomineralisation appear for the first time. I am also interested in the preservation mechanisms of exceptionally fossilised soft-bodied organisms, utilising both lab experiments and fossil data, integrating evidence from molecular biology with the fossil record and utilizing phylogenetic comparative methods to provide a holistic view of early animal evolution. With the ultimate goal of reconstructing a more complete understanding of the tree of life.
Personal Interests: 

I enjoy cycling, photography, home brewing beer and climbing on rocks when not looking at them in the lab.

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